European Fish


Sea bass thickness of fish that anglersaccept it .. It is known to be of great ability to fight soon caught .. Bass fish granulocytes to eat because of the wonderful taste .. Andthey contain a large proportion of proteins ..And the lack of bones out – and the cleanliness of her home in European countries and the Arab Republic of

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SEA BREAM FISH In her body slender and streamlined .. Small tail straight .. Her eyes smart .. Meat mushy rich in mineral salts, vitamins and calcium phosphorus .. Because of its wonderful ability to grant the calories

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The salmon of the most important types offish that their bodies contain omega-3 oils, which are considered a cure for manydiseases .. Scandinavia is famous as the world’s most prolific and famous thicksalmon .. Therefore, more companies have contracted with Norway famous and a commitment to supply salmon to our company

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